Sunday, July 18, 2010

C# Tutorial: Create your own Custom Message Box

Here is the code

static CustomMsgBox MsgBox; static DialogResult result = DialogResult.No;
public static DialogResult Show(string Text, string Caption, string btnOK, string btnCancel)
     MsgBox = new CustomMsgBox();
     MsgBox.label1.Text = Text;
     MsgBox.button1.Text = btnOK;
     MsgBox.button2.Text = btnCancel;
     MsgBox.Text = Caption;
     result = DialogResult.No;
     return result;
result = DialogResult.Yes; MsgBox.Close();


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  2. Hi there,

    In the YouTube video, user "heidihas300" said that you need to reset the "result" otherwise it would be set to Yes every time. How did you resolve this?

    Thanks for a great video!