Monday, October 11, 2010

How to fix the L4D2 scenefilecache.dll Trojan alarm [Kaspersky FIX]

Follow these steps and it should work (it worked for me):
1. Go to Kaspersky's Settings -> Click on Protection and uncheck Select action automatically -> Then, below Protection, click on File Anti-Virus and make sure Prompt for action is selected.
2. Exit Kaspersky (right click on the tray icon and click Exit)
3. Start Steam -> Go to Library -> Games -> Right click on Left 4 Dead 2 -> Properties -> Local Files -> Click on Verifi Integrity Of Game Chache -> Now wait (Steam will automatically download the missing files) -> Start L4D2 (to make sure it's working) then exit.
4. Start Kaspersky and wait to detect the file again. This time a window will appear prompting for an action. Choose SKIP !!!
5. Open Kaspersky's main window (double click on the tray icon). You should see Your computer is at risk / Threats have been detected. Click on that (DO NOT CLICK on Fix it now)
6. Protection state window will appear. In the Threats have been detected section click Details... button.
7. Then, below Status: Detected should be your trojan. Right click on it and choose Add to exclusions.
8. Now the Threats have been detected message should disappear. You can now play L4D2!

UPDATE FIX: If Kaspersky deletes your file again (your game will crash to desktop) then REDO Steps 2 and 3 !! (This motherfu**er doesn't give up)

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